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12 avril

The Karminsky Experience, british duet Djs super trendy. Oldies, 60’s kitsch, oddities, incredible strange sounds... Poison at 23h00

Dj Morpheus, a legend of the independant european scene. He was the leader of Minimal Compact, now he's producer and DjHe'll spin an eclectic set  (breakbeat, funk, hip-hop, down tempo). Kult at 11pm

11 avril
Altermedia Festival devoted to electroacoustic, interactive music and multimedia. Refresh your ears! With Rob Malender, Günther Gessert. Centre Dom at 7.30pm

9 avril
Second hand band is a Russian combo fusionning various styles, as they say: jungle-dub, ambient – reggae, dub-hope. Well that's cooool to hear it at 16 tons.  9pm

4 april
Notchnoï Prospekt celebrates on stage its 20th anniversary of electro-industrial performances. Don't miss this legendary act! Mukha at 10pm

22 march
David Carretta, from the best ever techno label 'Gigolo Rec' will perform with his friend from Britain, Ido. live-act electro-techno. Club MIO at 11pm

21 march
Volga at Projekt O.G.I at 10pm
David Carretta, the most eclectic French DJ, spins electro techno at club MIO at 11pm

14 march
The Hacker (France) will play a furious electro DJ set like only he can do. Mio at 1am
Ole Loukoye. One of the best Russian electronic combo. Red Club at 8pm
Volga. Club Mukha at 9pm

16 january: The Beatles back in Moscou !!! The cream of the new Russian electro scene remixes The Legendary Fours. Feat Brothers in Mind, Zoom.ra & others.  B2, 21h.

27 December: Grom is a Austrian band playing a cool electro and weird music. Two dandies filled with scepticism and irony will perform some unusual dance music for the first time in Moscow. Club MIO, 11pm

19 December: Volga, the highly interesting ethno-electro side-project of Alexei Borisov, will perform following the release of the band's new album called "Vypei do dna" on the Exotica  label at the club Zapasnik. 9pm. 

10 December: Wim Mertens, the famous Belgian minimalist composer will perform his work at the piano, including his most famous pieces composed for Peter Greenaway's movie "the belly of the architect". Centre Dom

28 November: Death In June for the first time in Russia at club Tochka. DIJ is the legendary British band that originated the "Dark Folk" scene, a weird mix of Leonard Cohen and industrial music. Line-up includes leader Douglas Pearce and drummer John Murphy. More info

27 November : Dapsy and  Stepanida Borisova come from Yakutsk. They managed to create a new Siberian folklore, at the crossroad between local ethnic musics and the most mystic part of Western Rock Music. Centre Dom

27 November: Dr. Tikov and Astral Space Dub performs at 16 tons. There's something like a mystical sound and atmosphere in his set that greatly enhance the experience. More info

24 November : Journey through Russian music's history with the talented singer Sergei Starostin, Andreï Kotov - leader of the excellent Sirin ensemble, and Leonid Fedorov. 3 specialists of Ancient traditional  music who conceived a magical trip that you can only enjoy at the Centre Dom.

23 November : Noisy Funk by the Russian combo God Os featuring Andrei Solovyev et Ivan Solokovksy. The first is a talented multi instrumentist influenced by Jazz as well as Industrial Music. The second is a long-time member of Notchnoi Propekt and Ya-Tkha bands. Centre Dom

22 November : Mini opera with absurd inluences called "Sunday visit to the psychoanalyst" by Anatoli Pereslegin and Alexander Shaverdyan. Centre Dom

22 November: Unicycleman is a German trio that plays experimental music. They are influenced by cinema directors like Kubrick, but jazz, post-rock and electronica lovers will find familiar sounds in Unicycleman's music. Club MIO.

17 November: Industrial Music Festival at club Tochka with Bad Sector  (Italie), Troum (Germany), Reutoff and Misery (Russia).

16 November: The French DJ Philippe Sorti performs House Music at Shambala-bar.

16 November: Benzo will perform in Centre Dom. Other live acts are Pomassl, Alois Huber and Philipp Quehenberger.

15 November: F.R.U.I.T.S. will perform at Muha Club. Other live acts are Pomassl, Alois Huber and Philipp Quehenberger.

14 November : Gonzales, the most famous prankster of the electro-cabaret scene, performs for the first time in Moscow. Club B2.

12 November: Funki Porcini, On Lee and Gatec from Ninja Tune Label are the cream of today's Beak Beat, Funk and House scene. Club Propaganda.

10 November: The famous Russian artist & performer German Vinogradov presents his curious musical project based on primary elements : earth, wind & fire. No joke. Helped by 8 performers and much more unusual instruments, Vinogradov performs unforgettable improvisations. Centre Dom

09 November: Paris best House DJ, Charles Schillings, is back in town for the great pleasure of the die-hard core of Moscow's clubbers. Club Jet-Set.

02 November: From Rajastan (Western India) comes this wonderful gypsy band called Maharajah. Their groovy and spiritual Sufi music raves the audience. Moreover, the musicians are pure virtuosi and great entertainers, helped also by two dancers. Centre Dom

In December, Volga issued a formidable new album mixing as usual traditional ancestral music with techno grooves. Angela Manukjan 's voice fills the mind  with fairy images while the body is forced to dance. Vypei do dna means Bottoms up so you can imagine that the whole album conveys positive thoughts and invitations to enjoy life through various means, including "Konopa" aka hemp. It gives fresh air to the Russian Soul.  Plus there are real hits in this album. The secret history of Russia's party spirit is revealed at last!


"Astral Space Dub", is the last album of Dr Tikov, the Russian son of Lee Perry. While most dub-addicts focus on the Carribean sound, Dr Tikov grabs elements from India's music, which are refreshing. Sitar, tabla, voices go along with heavy electronic bass and effects. Highly danceable and trancey.


Tell Tchaikovsky the news 6 presents some of the most promising Russian acts from the Exotica label. Although anything but experimental, this sampler manages to include most of today's electronica trends. From the veterans of Novye Kompository (nearly 30 years of existence) to Jeune Homme (whose leader is barely 17 y.o. ), there is a wide range of styles and talents. Nothing revolutionary but a must for Easy Listening fans. The Minimokik track is especially worthy with its ultra naive and catchy melodies. Nuclear Los shows here a excellent sound quality and creativity. Listening excerpts



White Nights, Anton Nikkila's last work , is a masterpiece made of concrete sounds, electronic noises and unpredictable samples.  It was recorded Live in Helsinki and features the voice of Alexei Borisov.  Listening excerpts